Airbnb Listings are Like Potato Chips; You Can’t Stop at Just One!

By, Sue Hoyuela

Airbnb is a powerful tool for generating income by renting spaces, rooms or whole houses to short term guests. There is a huge demand for short term housing from people who are in town on vacation or business, for family matters, sporting events and conventions. They like using Airbnb for many reasons. Some are tired of the cookie cutter hotel experience and want the comforts of a home away from home. Others want a unique experience, something to write home about or check off of their bucket list.

As a host, this is an opportunity to really use your creativity to deliver great experiences for guests while at the same time generating a six-figure income lifestyle for yourself. Take it from me, when you create a special space for a guest and you see the delight in their eyes, plus you are rewarded handsomely for your effort, it becomes addicting. You can’t stop at just one.

Other booking engines such as VRBO require that you rent nothing less than a whole house. Airbnb is one of the few booking engines that lets you rent just about anything else. This is where the power comes in to allow you to create multiple streams of income from just one property.  When you look at your home through the Airbnb filter, you will see opportunity everywhere.

For example, we started out by renting a playhouse in our backyard. At first we doubted anyone would want to stay in a room with no restroom in the suburbs of Los Angeles, 26 miles away from Hollywood and Santa Monica.  But one thing we learned about Airbnb is that they are masters of marketing and they delivered by driving a steady stream of guests to our listing. This little room in our backyard brought in so much steady income that my husband started pointing at my laundry room saying, “Let’s turn that into a guest room.” And so we did. Bam! Guests started flocking to stay in the “Garden Sunrise Room” as we called it.

Now the addiction set in. My husband said, “What about that couch in the front living room, do you think anybody would rent that?” As a matter of fact, they did.

I was inspired by the story of Harry Potter, who had to live in a cupboard under the stairs in his Aunt and Uncle’s house. We had just enough room to fit a twin bed in the closet under our staircase and we discovered that fans around the world were happy to pay to live like Harry Potter!

These are just some of the ways we were able to get started building our Airbnb empire and there are many more. Let me challenge you to come up with a few ideas of your own. You are only limited by your imagination.

How about a tent in the backyard? Yes! An RV parked in the driveway? Absolutely.  A patch of land in the desert with no water or electricity? If you’ve got a cell signal, you’ve got a goldmine on your hands. Do you have a treehouse? Then you can capitalize on the treehouse craze.

And if you take it to the next level by adding transportation services and tours for your guests, well then you have just joined the ranks of those sharing-economy entrepreneurs who no longer work for a boss, who have created a lifestyle friendly business for themselves and their families, and are living the life of their dreams.

Welcome to your new addiction!

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  1. Myranda
    11 months ago

    TotAlly an addiction! Great host story. I get it, tent on my patio and I’m guest hosting, camping, couch surfing and loving the dream! Are y’all going to be at AirbnbOpen I’d love to catch up in person and see how our products and purpose align. The world is huge!


  2. Gloria Lyons
    11 months ago

    What great ideas that you have given in this article.
    Difentley going to try the RV as I have twenty acres.