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With the “Vacation Rental Blueprint” online training course you get:

  • How To Control Property So You Can Make Money On AirBnb Without Ownership and without risk!
  • Dominate The Competition and ALWAYS have bookings on demand!
  • Maximise Revenue with Secret Strategies
  • and my 8 PROVEN turnkey systems

Here are the 8 trademarked systems that make up my “Vacation Rental Blueprint” online training course:

  • Property Selection and Acquisition System™
  • Nightly Rate Pricing System™
  • Experience Creation System™ 
  • Whole House Set-Up System™
  • Done For You Marketing System™
  • Mobile Calendar Management System™
  • The Host Free Greeting System™
  • The Mobile Business Management System

Once you’ve got your property and website setup, and your systems in place, your business will run itself.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from Joel G., a happy customer.  He had a nice two bedroom, two bath house in Rosemead, CA that was generating a steady $1,200 per month.  Then one day the tenants decided not to pay the rent anymore. Joel went through an expensive six-month eviction process. Once the tenants were out, the property was damaged and required extensive repairs before it could be rented out again.  That’s when he approached me about converting his property to a higher and better use; a whole-house vacation rental. Within 30 days we had it up and running. He had his first reservation booked within 7 minutes of posting his listing on his free website and his first guest arrived within a week.  In his first full month he made $3,777; triple what he used to make from regular tenants!

Even though the money’s good, what’s the best part for Joel?

“Now I have the freedom to come and go in my own property whenever I want.”
Joel G., Rosemead, CA

Another friend of mine, Bill owns 7 investment properties in Southern California.  He was running them all as home health care facilities and getting paid per bed by the government.  Everything was fine for a while but recently as laws have gotten stricter, the red tape has gotten messier and the payments per bed were reduced, he began to look for other ways to generate income with his properties.  That’s when he came to me and I showed him the formula to double his rental income.

He was hesitant at first and tested it on just one property.  Within two months of seeing the results, he began to convert all of his properties to vacation rentals.  Now he is free of red tape.  Now he has eliminated the licensing, paperwork and 24-hour staffing headaches. Now he and his wife are contemplating what to do with all of their extra money and free time.

“Even though we were making good money each month, the overhead costs of keeping a full-time staff were eating up all of our profits. My wife handled all of the paperwork and drove clients back and forth to their doctor’s visits while I took care of all of the maintenance. Running seven facilities was driving us to the brink of bankruptcy as well as exhaustion. Since we’ve converted our facilities to vacation rentals, we have so much more free time and are actually able to enjoy our passive income.”
Bill D., Whittier, CA

When you use my systems you will:

  • Eliminate tenants and eviction headaches
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Eliminate background checks
  • Eliminate credit checking
  • Reduce the wear and tear on your property

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Check out these all the great resources that will save you time and money when you order today!!


Property Evaluation Checklist2D Property Evaluation Checklist

This valuable worksheet helps you select the perfect location for your Vacation Rental property. You can compare and contrast several properties side by side to determine which has the best income potential.



  2D Determining Your Nightly RateDetermining Your Nightly Rate Worksheet

This worksheet will walk you through setting up your nightly rates to ensure that you do not limit your upside income potential, while at the same time, remaining competitive and maximizing your profits in your particular area.



Cash Flow Worksheet2D Cash Flow Calculator

The Cash Flow Worksheet helps you determine how much you can make each month. It works in conjunction with the…


Cash Flow Calculator

A calculator that comes in both Excel and Pdf formats to automatically calculate your net profit each month. This is a wonderful tool that takes into account all monthly income and expenses to help you choose the right property from the start, or set up a bed and breakfast.

2D Experience CreationExperience Creation Worksheet

What makes vacation rentals unique is that you are marketing your rental property to a particular niche. The Experience Creation Worksheet will get you in the mindset to create a listing that will draw traveling guests to you like flies.



Guest Screening Rules2D Guest Screening Rules

You’ve heard it said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Well, with my bullet proof Guest Screening Rules you will have a sure-fire method for avoiding the nuts.



2D Quick Response Email TemplateQuick Response Email Template

To make answering inquiries and reservation requests fast and easy, you get my Quick Response Email Template. Copy and paste these proven responses that convert inquiries into guests at an unprecedented rate.



Welcome Letter Template2D Welcome Letter Template

With vacation rentals, communication is one of the key factors to making your guests feel at ease. Benefit from my years of experience by customizing my Welcome Letter for confirmed reservations that gives the guests all of the information they need for check in instructions, wifi passcode, parking tips and any other helpful tips they should know.


In addition to these 8 great forms, worksheets and templates you also get training videos and recommendations for free apps and programs that will automate your business.

Plus, you will benefit from my knowledge and experience with my list of tips and tricks for furnishing your property that will help to protect your investment.

All of these together are worth well over $3,500.00

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